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There are many legal issues and practical issues that must be addressed during the estate planning process. Most people are unaware that the tasks and decisions that have to be handled after their death are not covered in basic estate planning documents. You can help out your family and make your executor's job easier by handling your paperwork ahead of time in a detailed and thorough manner. Information such as who should be notified of your death and if you owned a life insurance policy or retirement account is helpful and necessary to ensure that your wishes are carried out after your departure.

Chico Estate Planning – Experienced Legal Help

Two-thirds of Americans die without a will, leaving their families to go through the long process of probate and many times, probate litigation. Our firm has helped clients with a wide range of estate planning matters, such as:

  • Establishing guardianships
  • Setting up a will or trust
  • Creating asset protection plans

We help you answer the questions that will be asked after your death so that your assets will be appropriated as you wish. Our comprehensive approach to estate planning will help you avoid unnecessary losses and benefit your family.

Without careful estate planning, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, real estate and insurance policy benefits may go unclaimed and be turned over to the state government. Losses like this can be avoided with a little bit of sorting, planning and organizing, and we are here to make this process easy for you. We have been serving the community for several years and you will benefit from the personal attention and dedication that a Chico attorney that our firm can give.

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